Our Vision Statement To be the primary source of trusted advice and respected expertise for all of our clientsÂ’ financial decisions.

Our Mission Statement "Can our clients sleep at night?" At B&I Advisors, our mission is to create an environment in which each client can answer "yes." Our clients look to us for help in achieving their financial goals and dreams; we will act to bring those dreams closer to fruition. Our fiduciary responsibility is at the core of our client relationships. If we would not accept a decision for ourselves, we will not undertake it for a client.

Our Investment Philosophy centers on asset allocation. We make strategic decisions based on your individual risk tolerance and time horizon, and tactical adjustments based on our judgment of the current investment environment.

Balance What are your needs today versus your dreams for tomorrow? Our relationship with our clients is an ongoing conversation, working to strike an appropriate balance. Only then do we invest your assets or help you develop a plan to create a portfolio.

Integrity Just as asset allocation is the centerpiece of our investment philosophy, integrity is the centerpiece of our client relationships.

B&I Advisors