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My Account - National Financial Services, LLC.

BPI has partnered with National Financial Servces via MyStreetscape to hold customer accounts and allow them online access to their brokerage accounts. We have included some links below to help you better understand your investments as well as your statement and how to utilize their online system to your greatest benefit.

National Financial Services
How to read your Statement
NFS Privacy Statement

Online Access Information

Advantages of Online Access to your Brokerage Account
Online Access Enrollment
Sign up for E-delivery of Statements and Confirms
Online Access Mobile App
Online Access Link

Investor Education


One of FINRA's main goals is to protect the investing public. They publish information to provide you-the investor-with the tools you need to avoid problems in today's complex world of investing. We have included some informational links below but feel free to browse their website for additional information.

FINRA Investor Information
Fighting Fraud 101
Tips for Protecting your Identity
FINRA Broker Check
Fraud Risk Meter
FINRA Scam Meter
Retirement Calculator
Loan Calculator
FINRA's Investor Education Tool

BPI works with Shred It for destroying confidential information and is available to our clients.

Shred It
Shred It Service extended to our clients